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Thanks Giving

July 13, 2012
Just a little something I wrote last year for my staff late on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as I was getting ready to leave for the long weekend.  I had just arrived at my new posting in an elementary school months before and after all the hustle and bustle of a new job, I took a minute to reflect on what it all meant to me.
Thanks Giving
I am thankful for children
With sticky hands that cannot open their bagels or ketchup packets
And children who welcome me into their lives
Whose faces light up as they listen to a story
And who run around with upturned faces chasing bright leaves
 blowing from the trees in our woods as autumn comes
outside my office window
I feel thankful for experiences I never thought to have
An overnight at Camp Tecumseh over two crisp autumn days and a campfire night,
For eight hundred of us waving flags on Veteran’s Day in the gym, singing proudly of America,
and halls full of first graders dressed as animals on parade, solemnly thrilled at this pageant
I celebrate hugs that I didn’t expect
And kids who say, “can I tell you something?” in a whisper before bursting into tears
Feel grateful for teachers who invite me generously into their classroom worlds
And say, “here’s how this works”
As they perform miracles with ease
I am thankful for writing and art
Ever-present reminders of what goes on in a child’s mind and heart
For joyful bodies hurtling through space or moving to a beat
For recess, fresh air, and the people who love them
For an anxious boy who crawled under my desk to hide from the world
And for those with the patience to try again tomorrow
I am thankful for people who give grace,
for those who share and laugh because we have to,
And for those who find a way to see into each child…
And find what’s good.
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