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If love wins…

November 6, 2016

when love wins

when love wins a primary we might

step awkwardly from polls into paradise,

try a smile tentatively tomorrow at strangers,

ask ourselves hard questions about the true cost of so much

excruciating comfort bound in easy answers

if love takes leads in early exit polls,

latitude and longitude might compress,

binding us nearer to frighteningly familiar others

the night love mounts the stage to raise triumphant fist in victory,

alarming line graphs might aim sharply downward, illuminating

regression analyses of correlations between invective and violence

decreasing trends

in all the ways we’ve found to hurt one another,

if love’s approval numbers skyrocket, dark ideas might die instead of…

and all the fearful haters who’ve found God in cozy suburban oblivion,

displaced earners who simmer in slow-burning rural indignation,

angry young men frantically looking for their lost hope hidden

in twisting urban labyrinths crammed with the inconveniently poor,

might end jihad against our ugly human symmetry

for we are mirror images, left mapped to right and right to left

if love pulls off a victory

in the hardened hearts and noisy minds of a soulless electorate…

so obstinately resolved to be impervious to hope

if love wins…what could we become


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